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Samuel Dale

This is the basic Philosophy of
Samuel Louis Dael.
It covers every science and the philosophy of Christianity

Vision Impact Books

This is the location of
Books published by
Vision Impact.
You can read some pages
and soon purchse

Republic of Zion

This site is a develoment
of what the
Redemption of Zion
should be like
It is sill under

LDS Prophecy

This site covers all
the prophesy that
is neglected in
LDS lessons.
It seems to be the
policy of the Chruch
not to cover prophecy.
Is this because they know or
is it because the do not know

LDS Lessons

These are the standard Sunday School LDS Lessons but they are corrected accoding the prophecy and revelation.

Christian Folly

Not complete but this is The Christian Folley

Joseph Smith Papers

Only part of Volume 1
is available

This site covers concepts that are not given by revelation
and are interpreted incorectly.
What Joseph Smith writes
is not always correct when
it is based on religious tradition. Correct historical concepts and not covered.

God and Politics

This is a new site that
covers God in relation
to Politics.